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Purchasing "Bills"

The "Bills" album will initially only be sold at Lol's gigs or by emailing him at .

About "Bills"

More of Lol's own songs

This collection, quite by coincidence, includes five songs which mention a person by the name of William, and two which mention swans' beaks, so the title chose itself.

Some songs refer to the area where Lol has lived for forty years or where he was born and brought up, and some are serious but most aren't.

Download 'Bills' album (free)
Bills CD

1 Old Banger

2 The Crow

3 Bill the Quill

4 Inky Fingers

5 Mad Billy

6 Mary Ann's Teapot

7 Stranton

8 Tourists of Stratford

9 Hartburn

10 Walking to Wilmcote

11 Navvy Nan

12 Holey Melodeon

The CD booklet tells you a bit about each of the songs.

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