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Purchasing BOMBARDED

The Bombarded album was being sold in aid of the Heugh Battery Museum, which preserves the historic site that is the focus of four of the songs.

The CD version of the album is now sold out but a zipped mp3 version is now free to download.

Download 'Bombarded' album


songs of Hartlepool in the First World War

The title may say it all to people in Lol's home town, but for the benefit of everyone else, it's a collection of 15 songs about the First World War, of which 14 pertain to County Durham, 13 to Hartlepool and 12 to the German naval bombardment of the town in December 1914.

All the songs are new but one tune has been borrowed from a century ago, and some take the musical styles of the time. Obviously some are serious, but they're by no means all doom and gloom, with many of them being humorous or jovial.

Bombarded CD

The song titles may give a flavour of the album:

1 The Durham Pals

2 It's a Long Way to the Front Line

3 All Thanks to the War

4 I Know a Secret

5 What Was All That About?

6 Riding on the Top Deck of a Tramcar

7 Where’s the Sub When You Need It?

8 Who Put That Lighthouse There?

9 Over By Christmas

10 It’s a Long Way to the Headland

11 Remember Scarborough!

12 Hans Across the Sea

13 The Kaiser Demolished Our Grandstand

14 It’s a Long Way to the Trenches

15 Sea-shells

The CD booklet explains each of the songs and its historical context

Here's a one-minute medley of some of the tracks: BOMBARDED Medley (mp3)

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