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The videos are a motley collection of both animation and singing-to-camera types, using some of my songs, and so far they have been little more than exercises in video-making.

The Kaiser Demolished Our Grandstand

A song from the "Bombarded" album, animated for the centenary on November 27th 2016, of the original grandstand's demise.


Bill the Quill

from the "Bills" album, is an animated version of one of my best-known songs.

William the Conqueror

After performing 'Bill the Quill' about 40 times in the 5 months after Shakespeare's big day in April 20016, I knocked up another biographical song for another big anniversary, or rather two anniversaries: the Battle of Stamford Bridge on September 25th 1066, and the Battle of Hastings, less than three weeks later on October 14th. This song's a bit longer than 'Bill the Quill' and would have been longer still if two choruses hadn't been dropped, which at least made the animation a bit easier.


Mary Ann's Teapot

was written at the end of 2016 and didn't really suit being animated - and singing it to camera was a lot easier anyway!

Until ITV dramatised the true story of Mary Ann Cotton in 2016, I had been unaware of these events from 150 years earlier, despite having spent seven years at school in the town where much of the story happened, and where my great-grandparents had been living at the time.


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